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Welcome to the Nelson Eisman for Governor Site
I chose to run for the office of Governor of Wisconsin because the people deserve better government. We must end the cycle of special interests, bribes, privatization and elitism. I want to create the reality of the "Wisconsin Idea" where the resources of the university system are the resources of the people. We can create public utilities for clean, sustainable energy. We can fund all state services, including universal health care, fully funded education, technical training and tuition using a progressive income tax.
Help me make a H.U.G.E difference in Wisconsin by voting November 7th.
Post-election thoughts
40,858 people voted for Nelson Eisman yesterday. That means that 98% of our votes came from people who are not Green Party members. If you are such a person, this message is for you!
Thanks once again to all of you for your support -- and your votes! The results weren't quite what we pictured, but la lucha sigue.
We want to encourage all of you to join your local Green Party. There is much work left to be done. Hundreds of you signed up as supporters of our campaign, and we want to encourage you to talk to each other. Candidates are not the strength of the Green movement -- our strength is in the grassroots, which means YOU.
If you believe that Nelson Eisman of the Green Party best represents your hopes for the future, then don't let last night's results take that belief from you. Unlike some political parties I could mention, the Green Party will continue to hold to the same values after Election Day that it did during the campaign: ecology, democracy, justice, and peace.

For those of you who are still interested, Eisman has taken his position back as the general manager at Local Storage Container Rental. Eisman had previously been the general manager at Local Storage Container for more than 10 years prior to his bid for the Senate. You can find more information about Local Storage Container Rentals by visiting the website at

Nelson appears with George Martin and Cindy Sheehan
At a rally last night night in Milwaukee, Nelson Eisman was present to cheer on fellow Green Party candidate Rae Vogeler and listen to anti-war activists George Martin and Cindy Sheehan.
Here is how Sheehan began her comments:
"People tell me, 'Cindy, we need a viable third party in this country.' I tell them, 'How about a second party?'''
As the hundreds of people present cheered, she went on to say, "The Republicans and the Democrats are two sides of one coin. They eat, drink and are merry at the same table, paid for by the same corporate sponsors."
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New Eisman ads!
Over the final weekend before the election, we are pleased to present two new radio ads, a refurbished TV ad, two Facebook ads, and a Google Adwords campaign.
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On the issues
Nelson Eisman's bio and experience
Nelson's stand on the issues:
Nelson's HUGE Difference: Honest Government, Universal Health Care, Green Energy, Economic Justice
The ballot proposals: gay marriage, the death penalty, concealed carry
Stem cells
K-12 Education
Higher Education
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Eisman campaign announces election-night party
The Eisman for Wisconsin campaign invites all supporters to its Election Night party! Join us on the second floor of Brocach, which is at 7 Main Street in Madison -- right on Capitol Square. We'll get underway around 8 PM. College students welcome!
We'll be celebrating together with Rae Vogeler's campaign, which is even more reason to come out!
Eisman's Exclusion is a Flaw in the Democratic Process (guest column in the Wisconsin State Journal)
There is an old saying that America doesn't need a third party, America needs a second party.
Granted, the Democrats and Republicans differ on gay rights and abortion. However, on issues like campaign finance reform, renewable energy, college tuition, the war in Iraq, health care, crime, drugs, economic development, corporate taxation, government outsourcing, ethics reform, and more, the positions of Jim Doyle and Mark Green are closer to each other than either is to Nelson Eisman of the Green Party.
Is that because Eisman's ideas are outlandish? Ed Thompson doesn't think so. Handing him a campaign contribution, Thompson told Eisman, "You're the only one in this race talking common sense."
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Eisman TV ads now on YouTube!
By very popular demand, we have rushed to post our ads on YouTube. So, with no further ado, here are the links...
Pre-"debate" ad
Post-"debate" ad
And as always, we are grateful for your support.
Press Release: Eisman Campaign Announces First Campaign TV Ads
Contact: Steve Herrick,,
414-375-2420 (office);
608-239-4296 (cell)
Madison -- Today, the Eisman for Wisconsin campaign announced its first television ads. Campaign manager Steve Herrick commented, "It is very rare for Green Party candidates to have the money to run television ads. Our campaign, however, has received enough support for us to buy three spots." This is somewhat fewer than the Democratic and Republican contenders are running, but still a milestone for the Wisconsin Green Party.
The ads feature gubernatorial candidate Nelson Eisman explaining what viewers will miss out on due to his absence from the second presentation hosted by the media consortium calling itself "We the People." Said Eisman, "These events are billed as debates, but no debate takes place in them. The closest they come is a bit of squabbling over details, which is really about framing more than factuality. That's not debate, it's dueling spin."
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Jim Young calls for Eisman's inclusion in debates
[An email to the board of "We the People" (the latest of many); used by permission]
Hi folks,
It's been a long time since I've been in contact with many of you and this is a new contact for some of you. I'm writing a short note here to encourage you to make a last minute change in your "We The People" gubernatorial debate format for this Friday and please include Nelson Eisman, the Green Party candidate. You will definitely have a better program with Nelson, than without him. (The last debate was a poor performance by the two main party candidates.)